These Activated Carbon Face Masks are Selling Like Crazy | Get One Here!

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Things are changing quickly these days, and we need to make sure we are staying up to date with the latest news and recommendations from the CDC. Every little effort by every single person counts — whether it’s self-isolating if you feel ill, social-distancing from others or washing your hands for longer periods of time. Recently, the CDC has made another recommendation for everyone to follow, and that’s wearing a face covering in all public settings.

Medical workers and first responders in healthcare are most in need of surgical masks and N-95 respirators, so while we should donate any we may have to them, that doesn’t mean we should go without any type of mask. Fabric masks may also help — especially as many people carrying harmful germs may not even realize it. That’s why if you’re heading somewhere essential, like the grocery store or a public transit vehicle where social-distancing is especially difficult to maintain, it’s best to be wearing some sort of mask.

Masks are, of course, in very high demand right now, with shipping times that add up to literal months, but this filtered one may arrive at your door in just a over a week. It’s made of breathable cotton that covers your face from your nose to your chin, sealing the area effectively with the help of an adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops.

More impressive? This mask comes with activated carbon filters that you can slip inside, which may help you breathe cleaner air. These filters are made to remove dust, fumes, pollen, haze, chemicals and more from the air you’re breathing in, which is especially helpful during this current allergy season!

Remember that a face mask like this may help to slow the spread of sickness, but is ultimately not a substitute for social-distancing. When you’re alone and ready to take it off, be sure to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and make sure to wash it thoroughly before reusing it again!

With everyone using protective face covers such as this one, and receiving them in the mail as soon as possible, we hope we’ll be seeing more good news very soon. Do your part, stay safe and breathe easy!

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